I want the record back, said Sosenka. He plans to travel 53 kilometers in an hour

Sosenka made his record nine years ago at the Moscow velodrome in Krylat, still on a bike according to the old rules, that is, with “rams”, no disks, timer extensions…

“Ten Years After” when he was trying to get over the 49.7-kilometer peak at the Unibet time of his record-breaking anniversary.In May, however, the International Cycling Union UCI has modified the form of the rules that make it possible to use a new specialty for spacecraft fighters.

“And we had to stop all the preparations,” said a 38-year-old cyclist. German record holder Jens Voigt holds a new record since last Thursday, with a 51,115 kilometer for 60 minutes. “It is good that he started a new era of the watch, but Unibet with all due respect to him, I expected better performance,” Sosenka said. “I supposed to go 52 to 53 kilometers.Its performance is on the brink of my ability. ”

And now, after six months of training, he thinks 52,5 – 53 kilometers.

Two-meter habit and double winner of a race around Poland in 2008 Finished his career, for six years he lived in cycling “forgetfulness” and did not betting strategies excel at the highest level, yet he wants to venture into a courageous project.

“I worked as a salesman of wooden buildings, I am an advertising buyer for building magazines.But I have always worked so that I have found time on the bike, “he said.” Although the training is incomparable with a professional cyclist, but I have the Unibet space and the desire to train, “he assured.

And coach Pavel Vršecký, He helped with the previous record and will be in the hands of a new attempt, he added: “As I know it, according to moral and training qualities, the chances are enormous.”

Sosenka is most scared of the short term because his vision “It is up to Wiggins or Cancellara to speak, which I can not say,” the Bohemian acknowledged. “It is about trying as soon as possible, at the end of spring, definitely before the Tour.But the Unibet current 51,115 kilometers is a fairly easy record. ”

The Czech cyclist will try to make a record on the bicycle of the domestic company Festka, but it is not clear that the track to bring it back to the top is definitely not clear. With his dream to Grenchene, where Voigt has captured the record and Cancellara thinks. “In the game of Portugal, I have also recommended a track in Colorado, which is new and we will try at least. But he probably wins the Unibet velodrome where there is no time shift, “Sosenka said.

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