Quarter-finals return to Varas, volleyball players bring meblos from Prague

At the last minute, Karlovy Vary’s volleyball players turned their second draw to a row in Prague with the CzU team and won in five sets of 3: 2 (21, -21, -18, 19, 9).In the quarter-finals, they are already leading their opponents 3: 1 to the matches and tomorrow on the home board, the bosses of Petr Brom can attack the first time for the first time.

“We are glad we won,” said coach Brom after winning his team in the fourth match of the series. “In the second and third set there was a clearance on our side, the fourth and fifth set was a failure of the home team,” he said. “We did not do the first part, but we broke it and thanks to our patience we won,” said Captain Michal Sukuba.

Already before they moved to betting analysis Prague, they suspected that this was confirmed here with the confirmation of the two- it will not be easy and it has also been confirmed with Karlovy Vary.It was only a little missing and on Thursday it would be played from 18.00 hours. It might be that in the initial balanced set, Karlovy Vary helped to win a successful series on the show, which was imitated by the home team in the second and third set, the time stopped in the 8: 1 position in favor of the Prague CULS.

Trainer Brom has done a lot of work to get his team back with the help of several substitutions.In spite of the improved game, he did not succeed in the third set, but the fourth again belonged to Karlovy Vary, which was similarly unstoppable as at the beginning of the previous set home.

The Tie-break of the fifth set was a real climax for the CULS in Prague in the Luzy, which ultimately resulted in Karlovy Vary, thanks to its individual qualities and its greater support.

In the fourth set, the Karlovarska team began to play faster and started serving better in tie-break.The team decided on the outcome of the match, “said Brazilian coach Rafael José Petra.

According to the captain of the Prague team Matthias Demar, the game was a mistake. “We did more in the fourth and fifth set and they lost the whole game,” he the best sports betting online explained.

However, Carlsbad’s team will definitely not have a defeating mood. “We have a clear target and we are committed to it,” he says. “The series is not over yet and we believe we will win and win here,” adds coach Petra.

Besides the Karlovy Vary series against the CULS Praha, there has not been a decision to advance into the semifinal between Ceske Budejovice and Pribram, Zlin nad Benátkami nad Jizerou is also holding 1 match.The only one who decided the quarterfinals in the shortest possible time is Liberec, who had four matches at Odolena Voda.

As in Karlovy Vary, České Budějovice and Zlín will continue on Thursday.